Top 15 New Annuals for 2013


Begonia Bon Bon Cherry - Reillys Summer Seat Farm

Begonia 'Bon Bon Cherry'

Unique double blooms in brilliant cherry red that make a stunning display.  Helpful tip: Although Bon Bon Cherry is shade tolerant, for maximum flowers and color grow this plant in full to partial sun.   
Begonia Million Kisses Honeymoon               

Begonia 'Million Kisses Honeymoon'

Large, lemon-yellow flowers cover this vigorous trailing begonia.  Maintenance free as well as heat and drought tolerant.  A great new begonia for 2013.  
Begonia Sparks Will Fly - Reilly's Summer Seat Farm  

Begonia 'Sparks Will Fly' 

Unique bronze foliage and brilliant tangerine blooms will stop anyone in their tracks for a second look.  Rounded, mounded habit that stays controlled means that it plays well with others in containers.  High impact color for shade!
Thai Caladiums - Reilly's Summer Seat Farm  

Thai Caladiums

These are not traditional Caladiums!  The Thai hybrids have truly unique color combinations and thick glossy leaves.  They are heat tolerant and extremely versatile, growing in full sun to partial shade.  Perfect in containers, along garden borders, and they also look awesome in mass plantings.
Calibrachoa Calipetite Yellow - Reilly's Summer Seat Farm 

Calibrachoa 'Calipetite Yellow'

We are very excited about this new Calibrachoa.  What sets this plant apart is its dense mounded habit.  Each plant is loaded with bright yellow blooms from spring until fall.  This plant will surely add brilliance to any full sun combination planter.  
Coleus Chocolate Covered Cherry 

Coleus 'Chocolate Covered Cherry'

This coleus shows off non-fading, multi-colored foliage with a unique pattern, as pictured here.  Its dwarf habit, only reaching about 12-14" tall, makes it perform well in containers and in small space gardens in both sun and shade.
Dahlia Hypnotica Tropical Breeze - Reillys Summer Seat Farm 

Dahlia 'Hypnotica Tropical Breeze'

Striking yellow variety with petals dipped in rose pink.  This Dahlia is vigorous with large blossoms making it showy in mass plantings but compact enough for a punch of color in containers.  Multiple flower flushes throughout the summer and fall.
Impatiens Patchwork Cosmic Orange - Reilly's Summer Seat Farm 

Impatiens 'Patchwork Cosmic Orange'

These low maintenance dark green leafed plants are mounded, well-branched, and spreading.  With non-stop color all season it is a strong performer in shady hanging baskets, mixed containers, planters, and landscapes.  Plant in morning sun and afternoon shade for best results.
Lobularia Lavender Stream - Reilly's Summer Seat Farm

Lobularia 'Lavender Stream'

Ideal for mixed containers and hanging baskets and a true knock out in the garden.  Floriferous, fast growing and has great performance in both warm and cool conditions.  Lavender flowers turn an even darker shade during cooler temperatures.
Angelonia Archangel Raspberry Improved - Reilly's Summer Seat Farm 

Angelonia 'Archangel Raspberry Improved'

This Angelonia boasts big blooms, which equals big color.  It is a must have for summer gardens as it thrives in extreme heat, humidity, and drought.
Evolulus Blue My Mind - Reilly's Summer Seat Farm 

Evolulus 'Blue My Mind'

Some like it hot and the hotter the better for 'Blue My Mind'!  A true blue flowering plant with a trailing, mounding habit.  Plays well with other drought tolerant plants in a combination. 
Petunia Supertunia Picasso in Pink - Reilly's Summer Seat Farm

Petunia 'Supertunia Picasso in Pink'

There is a lot of interest in this bicolor petunia this year.  It has a softer violet-pink petal surrounded by a chartreuse edge and a more compact habit than its mother Supertunia Pretty Much Picasso.  A self-cleaning petunia that requires little maintenance.  Makes an excellent filler/spiller in mixed containers. 
Osteospermum 3D Coral Sand - Reillys Summer Seat Farm

Osteospermum '3D Coral Sand'

New two-toned colors to attract even more attention!  3D has blooms that stay open all day and night for high impact in the landscape.  A very heat tolerant series that will bloom throughout the hot summer and into the cool fall.
Pansy Cool Wave Series - Reillys Summer Seat Farm

Pansy 'Cool Wave Series'

The first non-petunia to earn the Wave® brand name.  Cool Wave is an improvement over the first generation of trailing pansies with increased vigor and flower size.  Makes an awesome spiller in mixed containers or a high impact groundcover.  These pansies offer long lasting color and easy care.
Calibrachoa Superbells Lemon Slice - Reillys Summer Seat Farm

Calibrachoa 'Superbells Lemon Slice'

The unique bicolor pattern of white and yellow have never been seen in a Calibrachoa, and is sure to capture everyone's attention.  Performs best in containers and landscapes with excellent drainage and full sun exposure.  Color won't fade even as the summer heats up.

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