Top 10 New Annuals for 2012

Calibrachoa Superbells® Cherry Star

Sure to be a superstar in the garden!

This calibrachoa has vivid magenta flowers with a bright yellow star that stays brilliant all season long.

Lobularia 'Snow Globe'

"Intense fragrance in a compact package."

'Snow Globe' is an improvement of the earlier Lobularia varieties.

Its adaptability, compact habit, and ease of care make this a great selection for any sun or partial sun hanging basket or planter.

Never stops blooming and looks great with any color.

Ornamented Corn 'Field of Dreams'

"If you plant it they will come!" Small burgundy ears of corn will adorn this eye-catching ornamental corn later in the summer.

Pair it with SunPatiens Compact Magenta to highlight the pink-tinged leaves.

Limited supply available.

Verbena Lanai® 'Twister Pink'

'Twister Pink' is truly one of a kind! This variety displays pink and white bicolor flower heads atop rich green foliage.

A heat lover that will thrive throughout summer's heat and humidity.

Crossandra 'Orange Marmalade'

This Firecracker Flower is sure to sizzle in your garden this year!

It produces vibrant clusters of frilly orange flowers all season long with dark, shiny green foliage.

When frost threatens, bring it inside to a bright location and continue to enjoy the brilliant blooms.

Coleus Under the Sea Series

The Under the Sea Coleus have a unique "crustacean" looks that makes them irresistible. Fun, durable, and exotic!

Mandevilla SUN PARASOL® Pretty Series

Not your ordinary Mandevilla!

These vines have a velvety flowers are deeply saturated in color and create a non-stop show all season long! Available in 'Pretty Pink' and 'Pretty Crimson.'

Petunia Supertunia® 'White Russian'

Supertunia 'White Russian' has the unpretentious-yet-elegant shades of antique white with dark chocolate veins that blend well with any other vibrant candy hues of blue, yellow, and pink.

Vinca 'Jams n' Jellies Blackberry'

Extremely unique, velvety deep purple with white eye flower color will add excitement to summer gardens.

This superb accent plant will work beautifully in Americana color schemes and in combination with blue, pink, white or lavender.

2012 AAS Flower Award Winner.

Burpie BOOST Vegetables

These veggies are bursting with flavor and healthy eating!

The pepper and tomato varieties in this series are proven to have higher percentages of lycopene, carotenoids, and beta-carotene. To your health!


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