Terrariums are all the rage, and why not? They are amazing little ecosystems perfect for adults and kids alike. We can use any containers we like. Old jars, jugs, bowls, vases, extra deep wine, martini, or margarita glasses, and coffee cups and cake platters…you name it! My recent favorite is a glass head I had laying around the house. Plants, terrariums especially, allow you to become very creative and get the little ones involved and hopefully hooked on a life time of loving and nurturing other living things.

The trick to making a happy environment and long lasting terrarium is to use the right plants in the right containers. Feel free to get creative with all the cool colors and textures of succulents. Just be sure to use open top containers with plenty of stones and sand for good drainage. You probably won’t want to put a lid on a terrarium like this because too much humidity will turn your beautiful work of art into mush. However, plant some ferns or carnivorous plants into a terrarium; provide a good layer of stones and nice humus soil, put a lid on it and watch the humidity build and your plants thrive. Of course you will need to open the lid every once in a while to let some fresh air in, and bugs for those hungry fly traps!

The type of container you chose will help determine what type of plants you will want to incorporate but it won’t limit the design. Mosses, baby tears, ferns, and lots of tropicals love humidity and a smaller terrariums opening. Then you get to chose, do you want something more elegant as a room accent? Or if you are entertaining a child there are lots of tiny accents such as dinosaurs, mushrooms, lizards, fairies, and tons of fairy accents like houses and miniature tools our imaginary winged friends might be using in their gardens. The possibilities are endless and you might be surprised what fun containers and accents you can find shopping in the local thrift store or what great ideas you’re little one will come up with.

Oh, yeah! Feel free to stop by and see what we come up with. Perhaps we will inspire you to make the perfect terrarium or maybe you will fall in love with one we have created. Bringing a finished master piece home might be best for starters. Once you watch it thrive you will have the confidence to try one your self. Or ask us. We love to help.


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