15 Outstanding Perennials for 2014


It was quite difficult to pick out only 15 selections to share with you from our wide collection of new and award winning favorites. Below is just a sampling of what you will find on our tables. Come and visit to see our full collections.

coreopsis desert coral perennial

Coreopsis 'Desert Coral'

A'must have' for any garden! Moving gently in the breeze, this punch of riotous color brings the brightness of continuous blooms for months and months. Desert Corals' peachy/cranberry color combination is new and unique among coreopsis. Its special glow draws in butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden with ease. The magical color combination produces as many smiles, as it does beautiful flowers! 'Desert Coral' is drought tolerant, deer resistant and the essence of happiness. Sun.

meteor red

Echinacea 'Meteor Red'

Celebrate 'The Year of Echinacea' by adding this lovely, double, anemone style, red Meteor show to your garden. The Meteor series is a hardworking, upright, Echinacea. Red is compact at 19"high, 13"wide with great branching, producing a profusion of blooms. Strong stems support the weight and do not need staking.
Echinacea are native to the US, deer resistant, unaffected by mildew and enchanting to butterflies and hummingbirds alike. Drought resistant too!
Sun to Pt. Sun.



Echinacea 'Supreme Cantaloupe'

Continue to celebrate 'The Year of Echinacea' with the first and only coneflower to have the warm, inviting glow of cantaloupe-melon. Beautiful double blooms spread 4-6" on strong, branched-stems in an upright habit.
The color stays crisp and clean from summer into fall with blooms, blooms and more blooms. Supreme Cantaloupe is stunning when paired with the purple flowered Nepeta.
This Echinacea has multi-talents including: native status, high deer resistance, drought resistance, a lovely fragrance, a great cut flower and a real butterfly and hummingbird attractor! Sun.


Eryngium 'Blue Hobbit'

Smaller than J.R.Tolkien’s Hobbit Hero, this Blue Hobbit sea holly thistle is only 8-12”h x 8-10”w. Create a natural pest boundary by edging your garden with these unique, tiny iridescent blue, prickly flower globes and spiny foliage and your prize perennials are safe from the neighborhood cats, bunnies and ground hogs. Deer resistant. It a great dried flower in the landscape through winter and in decorative holiday displays. Tolerates hot dry sites and high salt soils. Sun.


Helenium Mariachi™ ‘Fuego’ PPAF

Fuego will set your garden afire with its orange and gold blooms! This new 16-18"h, 20"w compact, orange and gold Helenium selection will bring happiness and bright colors to your late summer garden border or in mixed containers on your balcony or patio. Sun.


Helleborus 'Ballerina Ruffles'

This Lenten Rose series is dancing and welcoming us back into spring with lovely upright flowers. Low maintenance and easy to grow, enchanting, Ballerina Ruffles has three inch, double pink flowers ranging from light to dark pink. Its graceful, long blooming pirouette lasts from late winter through spring on a bed of lovely deep evergreen foliage. ‘Ballerina Ruffles’ is pure joy. Deer and rabbit resistant. A gleaming jewel to cheer up your shade or part shade garden.

dorothy and toto

Hemerocallis 'Dorothy & Toto'

Wow, I would trade my ruby slippers to the Wicked Witch in a minute for these lovelies. A re-introduced variety by Centerton Nursery; an absolutely stunning 6-7” double daylily flower with coral/salmon petals with peach edges, and a golden picotee. Planted in mass, they look like peonies blooming in summer. A striking addition and sight to behold in any garden! Follow the yellow brick road to our perennial tables! Sun.

heavenly ice

Hemerocallis 'Heavenly Angel Ice'

Reblooming, ‘Heavenly Angel Ice’ is very unusual with 8” ruffled, near white petals and a light yellow green throat, branching up to 5 times, allowing for a divine 27 bud count. Smelling as heavenly as it looks, this Angel has accolades:

2007 – Honorable Mention, American Hemerocallis Society
2009 – Lambert/Webster Award
2010 – Award of Merit, American Hemerocallis Society
2013 – Stout Silver Medal.

Mike Reilly considers Heavenly Angel Ice be the most outstanding perennial that he planted in his garden in 2013. 


Heuchera 'Zipper'

You will love Heuchera 'Zipper' with its brightly colored, seriously ruffled leaves. Its leaves change in color from orangey, golden amber in the spring and summer, red in the fall, to umber green in the winter with magenta always showing on the backs. This new Heuchera has a larger leaf size, better cold, heat and humidity tolerance than most other Heuchera. A lovely addition to any sun or part shade garden.

drinking gourd

Hosta 'Abiqua Drinking Gourd'
2014 Hosta of the Year!

This special hosta has gorgeous strong, dark blue-green, heavy textured leaves with a heavy substance (thick & tough). The leaves are the most deeply cupped foliage of any hosta cultivar, making this a distinct and unique specimen. After a rain, Drinking Gourd absolutely sparkles with small pools of water collected in the deeply cupped foliage. Lovely, near white flowers appears on 18-inch scapes. This hosta thrives in shade and in competition with tree roots. Good slug resistance. A true celebration of a gorgeous, new hosta!


Kniphofia 'Pineapple Popsicle'

Finally a dwarf hot poker with a compact size of only 14"h x 16"w.! Slice open a pineapple and you will see the same wonderful, creamy white/yellow color of Pineapple Popsicle's blooms. Compact grassy foliage gives rise to multiple spikes that keep coming from June through October. Creamy buttery yellow is a great blender with other colors in the garden as seen here with purple Agastache. Loved by Hummingbirds.

glory flower

Sun Leucanthemum 'Real Glory'

A truly astonishing bloom! The petals are perfectly, pristine white, and subtly ruffled. Real Glory's unique, big, creamy golden dome overflows with sunshine. 'Real Glory' is a fascinating focal point wherever you grow it - as a specimen, in a container, in a cut flower arrangement, or in a flowerbed. Long blooming flowers can also last 2 weeks or more cut in a vase. A win-win! Deer and drought resistant.

nepeta limelight

Nepeta 'Lime light'

A splendid new look for an old friend, catmint: It sports icy lime-green foliage showered with blue flowers all summer long. Its low habit makes this the perfect plant for borders and as an edging to garden paths. Lime Light will brighten up any dull garden spot. Drought resistant and Deer resistant. 6-8”h x 32"w. Sun.

sea stars

Sedum 'Sea Stars'

A very pretty Turkish-style sedum, growing in a low, creeping green mat with interesting 2-3" tiny pink, star-fished shaped flowers bloom on succulent stems extending up from the mat in late summer. A unique addition to any dry sunny spot! Drought tolerant.


Panicum virgatum 'Northwind'

The Perennial Plant Association (PPA) awarded this the Perennial Plant of the Year 2014. Northwind is a fabulous selection of our Native switch grass. It stands out among its competitors for its erect form, evolving from new spring, green shoots to steely blue brilliance in the summer, then into a golden yellow in the fall. (See more pictures under the Perennial Main Page.) With exceptional, stronger stems than its predecessors, always upright and never flopping, Northwind has lovely form in every season. Easy to grow with low maintenance requirements, this Panicum is famously adaptable to almost any soil. A stalwart selection adding vertical interest into any garden.  Northwind is deer resistant.


Come visit to see our full collection. We at Reilly’s will to do our best to fill your horticultural wishes; please ask. Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for something special. Thank you. Perennials@Reillyssummerseatfarm.com (412)364-8662.

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