Reilly's 15 Outstanding Perennials for 2013

Aconitum Blue Lagoon - Reilly's Summer Seat Farm  1. Aconitum 'Blue Lagoon'

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Perfectly sized for containers or the front of a perennial border, 'Blue Lagoon' has bright blue flowers, dark green foliage and stands about a foot tall.  It is unique to monkshoods in that it begins to flower lower on the flower stalks for a showier display. 'Blue Lagoon' blooms from mid to late summer when few other plants in the shade garden have blue flowers.  Rabbit and deer resistant, as well! 


Pretty Lady Julia - Reilly's Summer Seat Farm2. Anemone 'Pretty Lady Julia'

Compact and a prolific bloomer, 'Pretty Lady Julia' is the newest member of the Pretty Lady series of Japanese anemones.  Double, 2-inch wide, medium pink flowers with a lemon yellow button center cover these dwarf windflowers in the fall garden.  'Julia' is a long-lived perennial and, at 18 inches tall, is ideal for containers.


Little Visions in Pink3. Astilbe 'Little Visions in Pink'

A new dwarf form of the always-popular 'Visions in Pink' astilbe, 'Little Visions in Pink' has sturdy, upright plumes of striking pink flowers in mid to late summer above dark green, incised foliage.  Tolerates sun better than other astilbes and will re-bloom if plants are cut back.  With a mature height of 14-16 inches, this astilbe performs well in containers, the front of the perennial border or as a groundcover.





Athyrium Lady in Lace - Reilly's Summer Seat Farm

4. Athyrium ‘Lady in Lace’

Looking much like prehistoric parsley, this distinctive lady fern is deer resistant and easy to grow.  Its fluffy, ruffled fronds are  wonderful fillers in the shade garden, in a container, as an understory plant or in the woodland garden. A unique addition to your garden and sure to be noticed!  
Clematis Sweet Summer Love - Reilly's Summer Seat Farm        

5. Clematis 'Sweet Summer Love'

Wouldn't it be great if Sweet Autumn clematis flowered sooner and came in colors? Now it does! 'Sweet Summer Love' has hundreds of cranberry-violet flowers with a delicious cherry-vanilla fragrance. Blooms appear in late summer about a month earlier than Sweet Autumn clematis and continue through the fall. Great for covering fences or dressing up deck rails, gazebos and pergolas. Available late summer 2013.  
Coreopsis Mercury Rising - Reilly's Summer Seat Farm 

6. Coreopsis 'Mercury Rising'

A velvety, wine-red coreopsis, 'Mercury Rising' is a hot new plant for perennial beds and borders. A member of the Big Bang series of tickseeds, this hardy perennial blooms from early summer through early fall and, sometimes, even to frost! Its threadleaf foliage shows excellent resistance to powdery mildew. Have a butterfly garden? - 'Mercury Rising' is a must addition!  
Helenium Tiny Dancer - Reilly's Summer Seat Farm 

7. Helenium 'Tiny Dancer'

Finally, a compact helenium!  'Tiny Dancer' is a very floriferous and low-growing native cultivar, attractive both in the garden and in flower arrangements.  In a grouping, its brown spherical cones are surrounded by a flowing fringe of bright yellow petals that look like hundreds of yellow-skirted dancers in motion.  'Tiny Dancer' blooms from midsummer into fall, is easy to grow, rabbit and deer resistant and long-lived.  
Hemerocallis Mighty Chestnut - Reilly's Summer Seat Farm 

8. Hemerocallis 'Mighty Chestnut'

Sure to be the talk of your daylily garden, 'Mighty Chestnut' is a majestic daylily with 5.5 inch blooms of a russet red-orange that some call chestnut, with a deep burgundy eye and gold throat. Its broad, piecrust-edged flowers are fragrant and hold up well in hot weather.  'Mighty Chestnut' is a midseason bloomer and its flowers open the evening before their 'day' of bloom, providing extra hours of enjoyment.  This is a premium daylily!  
Heuchera Fire Alarm - Reilly's Summer Seat Farm 

9. Heuchera 'Fire Alarm'

Hot! Hot! Hot!  'Fire Alarm' has the reddest foliage of any coral bell during the spring and fall; foliage color mellows slightly during the summer when pink flowers bloom on reddish stems.  A few hours of morning sun will bring out the best foliage color.  A medium-sized heuchera, 'Fire Alarm' can be used as an accent, in a container, massed in the shade garden or in mixed beds.  It also is great for winter color in the garden.  Rated 'Best Heuchera - Shade' in the 2012  Ohio State Trials, 'Fire Alarm' screams, "Look at me!"  
Ligularia Dragon’s Breath - Reilly's Summer Seat Farm 

10. Ligularia 'Dragon's Breath'

Want something exotic and tropical that is undemanding?  'Dragon's Breath' is a ligularia sized for the small garden.  Deep green, finely-cut 'dragon's fire' foliage forms a compact 13 inch mound.  Showy, purple-black stems bear fringed yellow flowers in summer, extending plant height to 24-30 inches and lighting up the shade garden.  Captivating in a group, 'Dragon's Breath' can be used as an accent in a container and is much at home waterside. Just provide this showstopper with ample moisture throughout the growing season.  
Monarda Pardon My Purple - Reilly's Summer Seat Farm 

11. Monarda 'Pardon My Purple'

Calling all butterflies! 'Pardon My Purple' boasts full-size flowers on compact plants just 10-12 inches high.  Frilly, fuchsia to grape-purple flowers, measuring 2.5 to 3 inches across, are a magnet for bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.  Blooms begin in midsummer, topping dark green, fragrant foliage that has great resistance to powdery mildew.  Tucked into the front of a sunny flower border as a vibrant edging, this bee balm also is ideal for containers and up-close butterfly watching.  
Nepeta Junior Walker - Reilly's Summer Seat Farm 

12. Nepeta 'Junior Walker'

A dwarf catmint, 'Junior Walker' retains the non-reseeding quality of its popular parent, 'Walker's Low', at one-third its size.  Lavender-blue flowers bloom over attractive blue-green foliage from mid-May through September.  Plant in flower borders, mixed containers and along garden paths.  
Panicum Hot Rod - Reilly's Summer Seat Farm 

13. Panicum 'Hot Rod'

Start your engines!  'Hot Rod' crosses the finish line first, its blue-green blades rapidly reddening before other ornamental switch grasses, until the whole plant is a rich, deep maroon.  Matures to 3-3.5 feet tall.  A real winner!  
Perovskia Lacey Blue - Reilly's Summer Seat Farm 

14. Perovskia 'Lacey Blue'

The shortest Russian sage with the largest flowers, 'Lacey Blue' forms compact mounds of fragrant, gray-green foliage.  Upright silver stems bear clouds of lavender-blue flowers from midsummer into fall, giving the garden an open, airy feel.  Its dense, bushy, branching habit prevents flopping, which can be a problem with Russian sage.  Great for the smaller garden and terrific as a filler in mixed containers.  
Sedum Dazzleberry - Reilly's Summer Seat Farm 

15. Sedum 'Dazzleberry'

'Dazzleberry' is a new groundcover sedum and early-blooming breakthrough.  In June, July, large clusters of bright raspberry-pink flowers on 8 inch stems bloom above smoky-blue foliage that matures to dark purple, further highlighting the plant's bloom.  The flowers remain colorful for over 7 weeks and make excellent long-lasting cut flowers in arrangements.  Use in a sunny rock garden or as an edging or groundcover in a flower border.  Drought tolerant, once established.  

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