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If you have any questions concerning the Perennial Department please don’t hesitate to contact Elise in our Perennial Department! We will be more than happy to assist you in your gardening needs!!!


Perennial Department Thoughts

Here at Reilly's, it is going to be a fabulous year for perennials. We carry a wide selection of shade and sun perennials, ornamental grasses, groundcovers and rock garden plants, hostas, ferns, daylilies and vines.

We focus on new perennial introductions - plants bred for their color, length of bloom, growth habit or their pest and disease resistance. Look at our list of the '2014 OUTSTANDING PERENNIALS' in the sidebar of this web page. In addition, that is only a sampling of what will be on the perennial tables this year. Many of these new perennial varieties are shorter and more compact plants, perfect for the downsizing baby boomer and the young first-time homeowner. These plants accommodate smaller garden bed sizes, (as shown above) and are often used as a groundcover. The plants we picked often have better pest and disease resistance than their predecessors, such as resistance to powdery mildew, and are easy to maintain and require no staking. Many have long bloom times and fragrant flowers and all are hardy to zone 5.

As Deer-munching is always a concern in both urban and rural Pittsburgh, we continue to offer a good selection of deer resistant perennials for both shade and sun gardens. As well as a large selection of grasses and groundcovers. Reilly's Garden Center is open year-round but the first shipment of spring perennials will arrive during the last week of March. Subsequent shipments continue almost weekly. If you cannot find a plant that you are looking for, please ask our staff. We will always do our best to find your request.

The Year of Echinacea

The National Garden Bureau has named 2014 The Year of Echinacea. This favorite perennial The Year of Echinaceawas chosen because of flower colors and shapes available and because they are such an American staple. The classic flower shape continues to be a favorite in home and public gardens. To read about the history of the “tried and true” classics as well as some of the newer varieties of Echinacea to please any home gardener, see the National Garden Bureau's website,

Reilly's will be celebrating this National honor with a profusion of Echinacea colors and sizes blooming on our perennial tables. Planted in mass, bordering the country fence (pictured left) is 'Cheyenne Spirit' Echinacea, a lovely multi-color plant offering a stunning visual display. Some new Echinacea varieties offered on our tables this year will include 'Meteor Yellow' a huge luminous light yellow, 'Supreme Elegance' a delightful raspberry pom-pom and 'White Double Delight', which has a stunning 6" double white, large petal flower. Come see the huge variety!

Echinacea is attractive to birds, bees and butterflies making it a great choice for a pollinator-friendly garden. It is generally deer resistant. Because of their root structure, the plants are drought tolerant and can withstand heat and wind. Used in garden borders or backgrounds, Echinacea adds color and texture to any garden.

2014 Perennial Plant of The Year

perennial of the year

Panicum virgatum 'Northwind'

Each year the Perennial Plant Association chooses one outstanding perennial each year as the Perennial Plant of the Year. A standout among its competitors, native, 'Northwind' Panicum took the 2014 prize with its erect form, evolving from new green shoots to steely blue brilliance in the summer, then into golden yellow in the fall. Stronger foliage than its predecessors, it is prized for its exceptional, upright, non-flopping form which is beautiful in every season. Easy to grow, Northwind has low maintenance requirements and is famously adaptable to almost any soil. A stalwart selection to add vertical interest into any garden or accent area. It is deer resistant. To see a list of past award-winning perennials, growing information and more, visit

2014 Hosta of the Year

The American Hosta Growers has named 'Abiqua Drinking Gourd' the 2014 Hosta of the Year.

hosta of the year A medium sized hosta maturing to 22 inches in height and 46 inches wide. It has dark blue-green seersuckered (heavy textured) leaves with a heavy substance. The leaves are the most deeply cupped foliage of any hosta cultivar making this a distinct and unique specimen. After a rain, Drinking Gourd absolutely sparkles with small pools of water collected in the deeply cupped foliage. Lovely near white flowers appears on 18 inch scapes in mid-summer. The Drinking Gourd thrives in shade and even with competition with tree roots, horary! Good slug resistance. This is a stunning and distinct new hosta to celebrate! Visit to see a list of past award-winning hostas and more.



April 5th, Saturday at 10:00-11:00 am. Landscape Design Basics. Learn the what, when, where and how of garden design. You will go home armed with the knowledge to get started creating your own paradise.

May 10th, Saturday at 10:00-10:30 am. What is NEW in Perennials! Join Jennifer for your personal introduction to what is new in perennials for 2014. We'll have both shade and sun perennials for you to see and we'll talk about their cultural needs. Learn how they can be combined and shine with other plants in your gardens.

May 10th, Saturday 11:00 - Noon. Add COLOR and ENERGY to both Containers and Gardens! Join us to learn color and pairing basics. Learn to add zing to both gardens and containers, and how to create a calming retreat in your back yard. We will have examples of some perennials and annual display pots. Bring a container and we'll pick out options and pot it up! The class and advice is free, but there will be a nominal fee for materials used in container potting.

May 24th, Saturday, 9:30 am - Noon. Reilly's Fourth Annual Iris Dig. Our Iris beds will be in full bloom so come and join in. Pick out your personal selection and our crew will dig and wrap the fans for your trip home. Watch for our July newsletters for prices and additional information. Reblooming Iris are available! Additional bearded and Siberian iris varieties will be available on the perennial tables in the garden center.

May 24th, Saturday, at 10:00am-10:30am. What is NEW in Perennials! This is the second chance to hear this exciting Perennial presentation. Read Description above.

May 24th, Saturday, at 11:00-Noon. Add COLOR and ENERGY to both Containers and Gardens! This is the second chance to take part in this exciting class. Description above

June 7th, Saturday, at 10: 10:45 am. How to Reduce Deer Damage. This seminar is a joint effort of all departments to pass on all we know on preventing deer from eating your landscaping. We'll talk about trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals and the newest forms of defense. Come, learn and share your success stories and woes.

July 11th and 12th, Friday and Saturday, 9:30am until 11:00am. Reilly's 14th Annual Daylily Dig. Join us! You will be able to purchase Daylily divisions from selected plants in our collection gardens. You will be able to purchase National Award Winners that are not available anywhere else in our area. Peruse the Garden Center Perennial department's extensive Daylily assortment while you are there! Sign up for our bimonthly newsletter to keep up to date on all events and specials.

More to come! Check back during the season for specials and promotions. Many occur around major holidays, such as Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day. Sign up for Reilly's bi monthly e-newsletter and never miss sales, promotions and monthly perennial tips and ideas. Details on all seminars and classes are included in our e-newsletter.


Whether you are starting a garden or reworking existing plantings, Reilly's offers a variety of services to help you achieve a beautiful landscape. Call to schedule a free 30-minute design consultation at the garden center with one of our designers and plant experts. We will ask you to bring photos and measurements of your site, and, in return, we will help identify some plants or plant combinations that can work in your garden.

Home visits: Home consultations are available to evaluate the gardens and plantings, and to offer suggestions. The fee for this visit is $75.00. If further landscape designs are desired, we will take needed measurements and pictures. (Applies to homes within 15 miles of Reilly’s Garden Center.) The fee is payable to the landscape designer at the time of the visit.

Design Services: $35 per hour. This service includes a preliminary and finished drawing along with meetings to review and approve the design as it progresses. This payment is due at the final presentation of the landscape design.

The Perennial Manager Position torch passed to Ms. Jennifer Aranda in late spring last year and through the season has found her feet. She will do her best to serve all customer requests. Her horticulture and design knowledge is extensive and she is enrolled in the Masters program in Landscape Management and Design at Chatham University. If you have any question about perennials, please e-mail us at or call us at 412-364-8662.

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