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Outstanding Perennials of 2012 at Reilly's Garden Center

Aralia CordataAralia Cordata ‘Sun King’

Something uniquely different for the shade garden, this tropical-looking perennial will brighten any shady border! ‘Sun King’ forms a 3-foot tall and wide clump of large, compound, bright golden leaves and contrasting reddish-brown stems. White flowers bloom in late summer, followed by deep purplish black berries in fall. With a few hours of morning sun, the foliage will remain golden through summer.



Dicentra SpectabilisDicentra Spectabilis ‘Valentine’

A new spin on an old favorite, ‘Valentine’ is the first native bleeding heart with a red bloom! Bright red, puffy, heart-shaped flowers with white tips dangle from deep red, arching stems in spring. Plants quickly form a robust, 30-inch clump of bright green, lobed foliage, as do all native bleeding hearts. ‘Valentine’ will go dormant in summer until the following spring.




Gaillardia Gaillardia ‘Arizona Apricot’

The blanket flower you’ve been asking for! ‘Arizona Apricot’ offers a softer color palette and a compact habit just 12 inches tall and wide. Large, 3-inch, apricot flowers with yellow tips and darker orange centers cover a mound of bright green foliage from early summer to fall. Deer resistant. A real show stopper!



HemmerocallisHemerocallis ‘Primal Scream’

No daylily comes close to this spectacular Stout Medal Award winner! Enormous, 7.5-8.5 inch, glimmering tangerine orange, gold-dusted blossoms with narrow, twisted, ruffled petals bloom in midsummer. Grows 34 inches tall. This plant screams, “Buy me!”







Hosta Empress WuHosta ‘Empress Wu’

The largest hosta in the nursery trade, ‘Empress Wu’ makes a terrific focal point in the garden! The huge, dark green, deeply veined leaves are 18 inches in width with great substance. ‘Empress Wu’ forms a massive upright clump reaching 3-4 feet in height and 5-6 feet in width. Pale reddish-violet flowers bloom in summer.




Hosta Frosted Mouse EarsHosta ‘Frosted Mouse Ears’

A premier dwarf hosta, ‘Frosted Mouse Ears’ is a mutation of the wildly popular ‘Blue Mouse Ears that so many have been waiting for! Round, blue-green leaves edged with creamy-white borders form a 7-inch tall by 1-foot wide clump. Short spikes of lavender, hummingbird-friendly flowers bloom in early summer. Makes a great groundcover.




IberisIberis ‘Absolutely Amethyst’

A great new color for candytuft! Large clusters of lavender-purple flowers blanket cushions of dark green, evergreen foliage in spring. Plants are drought-tolerant, once established, and make a great groundcover. Because of its drought tolerance, it makes a great filler for crevices in walls or between the stones of walkways. It is also effective as an edging.




Leucanthemum SuperbumLeucanthemum Superbum ‘Daisy May’

A super compact Shasta daisy, ‘Daisy May’ grows to 20 inches tall – perfect for containers and gardens! Three-inch, single, pure white, daisy-like flowers with gold button centers form a solid dome of blooms from early to late summer. The sturdy stems of 'Daisy May' keep the blooms erect for a gorgeous show.




LigulariaLigularia ‘Bottle Rocket’

A more compact than "Rocket". t only grows to two feet tall in midsummer, ‘Bottle Rocket’ sports a dense clump of thicker, serrated green-leaved foliage with 1-foot tall, mustard yellow flower spikes held on chocolate stems just above the foliage. Butterflies and hummingbirds love these blooms and so will you! Bottle Rocket Ligularia is an impressive, but easy-to-grow shade plant. It thrives in a moist environment and is right at home in boggy soil, ideal near water's edge or in a woodland setting. All liqularias are deer resistant.



PennisetumPennisetum Alopecuroides ‘Burgundy Bunny’

The first hardy fountain grass with red foliage color through the summer! A petite grower, ‘Burgundy Bunny’ is a 16-inch tall rounded clump with small, tufted cream flowers in late summer and blazing red fall color until frost. Great for the front of the border or in containers as pictured here.





Scabios Vivid VioletScabiosa ‘Vivid Violet’

Finally, a highly mildew-resistant pincushion flower! Large, vivid violet flowers atop wiry stems bloom over low mounds of lacy foliage from late spring until frost. Growing just 15 inches tall, ‘Vivid Violet’ is perfect for the front of a sunny border or for container gardens. Also makes a great cut flower. The plant remains healthy and attractive throughout the entire growing season, unlike older varieties which are prone to powdery mildew and tend to look ragged by late summer. A definite improvement not to be missed!


Contact the Perennial Manager

I am Elise, the perennial manager at Reilly’s. Mickey and Erin also are here to assist customers. If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail us at perennials@reillyssummerseatfarm.com or call us at (412) 364-8662.


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