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A garden can be a very important part of ones life.  It instills the pride in accomplishment and it provides the opportunity for much needed exercise.  Maybe more importantly, the garden allows us to get away from the daily complications of life, a place to go for quiet serenity and rejuvenation.  Gardening is an art form, always changing and always challenging enough to keep us interested. That is the fun of it  There is more to gardening than just the plants, and that is where my Ornaments and Supplies Department comes in.  Our goal is to provide the products your garden landscape may need to be healthy, vigorous, and beautiful.  Nature's beautiy is one of the few things that cannot be outdone, but who is to say you cannot add some exra sparkle and shine to your garden?

New Garden Remedies and Solutions

We know that the more successful you are at gardening, the more you will enjoy your garden.  We strive to provide you with the best Solutions and Gardening Supplies that will help you to be successful.  There are many ways to control diseases and pest problems.  Reilly's Garden Center offers a selection of natural, organic, and conventional products to help prevent and protect your plants.  Download our list of Garden Remedies.

Bring in infected plants (in a sealed bag, please) and we will diagnose the problem.

Trendy New Products

terrarium garden ornament summer


With the growing popularity in miniature gardens and terrariums, finding the appropriate container to satisfy proper growth and light requirements is essential.  Glass containers used for terrariums not only provide optimal growing space for these tiny plants, but also brighten up any home.  Whether it is a simple glass vase, a traditional terrarium, or stylish glass cloche, we offer a wide selection of containers to add elegance to your miniature gardens, indoors or out. 

fairy houses garden decor

Fairy Gardens

Some say fairies make pesky houseguests, but we find they add magic and charm to the garden.  Add a fairy garden to your backyard landscape or plop it in a container and enjoy it on the porch.  With our fairy garden accessories ranging from woodland houses, tin churches, garden picks, and just about everything miniature, you will be sure to make the fairies in your neighborhood very happy.  Do not forget about the greenery!  Fragrant herbs, dwarf evergreens, and creeping ground covers will be a delightful addition to your garden.  We have plenty of miniature plants to choose from, including those with different textures, sizes, and light requirements.  We will also be growing a number of beautiful, miniature flowering perennial and annual plants. 

birdhouses summer seat farm

Birding for beginners

Are you missing something from your morning routine? I suggest adding the happy songs and melodies that birds bring to your backdoor. Bird watching allows everyone to enjoy the bright colors and elegant tunes of the aerial creatures that fly above us. We have added a birding department and are now carrying bright feeders, a range of birdhouses from plastic to wooden in all different shapes, sizes, and prices. Bags of birdseed, informational guides, and everything else you will need to start your adventure into the birding world are here for your selection Top Bird Feeding Tips

big bag bed reilly's summer seat

Big Bag Beds

While wooden raised beds, add a nice touch, Big Bag Fabric Raised Beds, as shown to the left, offers flexibility and portability when growing flowers, herbs, veggies, and fruits. This soft-sided fabric raised bed allows aeration to release excess heat in the summer, warms quickly in the spring, and requires no installation. Just fill it with a quality soil mix like Bumper Crop and Gardener's Gold and you are ready to go.

pottery garden color

Pop of Color with Pottery

Planters not only transform drab areas of your home and garden into charming and elegant focal points; they are both functional as well as beautiful.

  • They make it possible to create a garden in a limited space
  • Provide unity between the indoors and out
  • Provide focal points and artful design within a home, on the patio, and in the garden and landscape.
  •  They soften and add color to harsh looking lines and surfaces. 
  • They enable you to change the decorating scheme by switching plants to new locations or groupings
moss milkshake make moss art

Moss Milkshake

Many see gardening as an art form and what better way to truly create art with natural materials, than using moss as your medium. Create whatever your heart desires with a simple recipe that will bring life to anything it touches. Moss Milkshake allows you to add moss to soil, stone, and weathered concrete by just adding water. Once the moss has taken root, between two and three months, no water, fertilizer or pesticide is required. It comes in a handy milk carton with unlimited shelf life. Use it to create some unique gifts!

garden candle lantern outdoor lantern

Light Up the Night

The dim glow from a candle lantern can provide the perfect ambiance in your backyard, whether for an event or just a relaxing evening under the stars. These lanterns can be used indoors or outdoors, and work just as well as terrariums. If you are looking for that rustic, old-world style with a lot of charm, a set of lanterns could make the ideal finishing touch to a backyard patio or deck while adding a touch of romance.

straw hat gardening apparel

Fashion in the garden

Stay fashionable and protected with one of our beautifully crafted sun hats that give you both style and value. They come in a variety of colors, materials, and styles male and female, from straw to polka dotted canvas. These hats block out 97.5% of the suns UV rays, so you will be well protected and stylish.

vertical garden planter

Vertical Gardening

Planting in a new dimension

Sometimes it just is not enough just to grow plants in traditional containers or gardens; sometimes we want a bit more excitement when it comes to how we display our plants. Vertical wall planters will bring your living areas to life, whether they adorn the walls in your kitchen or add some greenery to the patio. Plant these hanging pieces of art with your favorite small growing houseplants, succulents, and even annuals. They are available in two different finishes; copper and onyx, and we carry a frameless bracket used to put multiple wall planters together.

ancient decor garden decorations

Ancient Additions

It is easy to wander through store after store looking for cute garden décor, but if you are searching for something a little more inspirational and unique we have just the pieces for you. Bold, rustic portrait statues cast in natural stone finishes will enrich your space. Available in different sizes and finishes these stone beauties will provide you with an old-world atmosphere that will stand out among the plant life in your garden.

garden fountain garden decor summer

Garden Terrace Fountains

Bring a touch of nature to the terrace, patio and indoor environments with the addition of a small water fountain. The soothing sound of flowing water encourages a relaxed mood anywhere it is placed. We will be carrying a selection of terrace fountains available in various sizes, finishes, and designs.

magic plant hanging baskets

It is Magic!

Finally, a new way to dress up hanging baskets without the look of wire or plastic hangers. Use indoor or outdoor so you can enjoy your beautiful hanging baskets all season. Clear vertical polymer suspension lines, with the clear Plexiglas base, can hold up to 35 lbs.

ups a daisy pot depth raisers planting daisies


Save soil, save time, lighten heavy pots, and provide better air circulation to plant roots in your container gardens! Ups-A-Daisies are durable inserts that when placed inside your containers eliminate the need for extra fillers and produce healthy, beautiful plants! Offered in many different sizes you will be able to use these soil savers in all your pots, and they will last for years!

fairy gardens reilly summer ornaments

Mythicals in the Garden

Do you want to take your fairy garden to the next level? The new line of mythicals from Campania offers elegant, detailed fairy figurines that will cast an enchantment on your garden. These 17” cast stone statues will put a smile on your face whenever you see them. Each piece of the collection is in its’ own unique pose and offers an array of elegance.

outdoor furniture garden porch living room

Outdoor Living Rooms

Relax surrounded by your garden, in comfort and in style with Outdoor Great Room’s Balsam Wicker Furniture Collection. Vibrant olive green cushions against the dark resin wicker pieces will invite you to the outdoors and keep you there. The collection’s outdoor-rated resin wicker and rustproof aluminum frame pieces will last and look new for years to come.


outdoor pergola garden living

Pergolas add structure, shade and a comforting feel of enclosure to your patio. Think about how a Redwood Sonoma Pergola with optional lattice roof pieces could enhance the comfort of your outdoor living areas.

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