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Trees & Shrubs Reilly's Summer Seat Farm

This year we are continuing to focus on bringing you the best varieties of trees and shrubs available on the market today. These include new varieties of old favorites like hydrangeas, David Austin roses, Butterfly bushes, ninebark and weigela. We have expanded our tree selection this year to include many native varieties like oaks, dogwoods, and serviceberries, as well as smaller trees for small yards and tight spaces. We will also be improving our selection of fruit trees and berry bushes by adding several new varieties of apple, pear, peach, and cherry trees along with several new dwarf blueberry bushes.

Check out the link below for some of the new products for 2014 that we are excited about growing!

Top 15 New Shrubs for 2014

 Events and Seminars:

1. Saturday, April 12th: 10:30

Basic Guidance for the Beginning Gardener: How does one choose the right shrubs for year round color? Most shrubs bloom only for a short time during the year so choosing the right combination for year round color in the landscape can be challenging, but not by any means impossible. Flowers, foliage, and texture all add new and exciting dimensions to the landscape. We would be most happy to show how to put it all together. Stop in and see us.

2.  Saturday, June 14th: 10:30

Planning a small scale Family Orchard and Berry Patch. Learn how to successfully grow and maintain fruit trees and berry bushes. Nothing is more rewarding than going outside and harvesting fresh off the tree fruit and berries out of the garden. The only way to appreciate how fruit is supposed to taste is when it has been picked when fully ripe and eaten when it is still at ‘field temperature’, a luxury most will never know. Let us show you how to go about choosing, planting, and caring for fruit trees, berry bushes, and start experiencing the rewards for yourself.


Trees & Shrubs Reilly's Summer Seat Farm

We offer a wide array of services from garden design to planting to make life simpler. Give us a call for answers to simple gardening questions, or set up a free 30 minute in store consultation for more complex issues. We also offer home consultations and complete landscape design services. Whatever the issue, give us a call and we will be more than happy to help with all your gardening needs. We also can help you with insect and disease problems. Just bring in a sample of the plant in a sealed plastic bag and we will be happy to look at it for you and provide recommendations on how to solve the problem. 

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