Hunting Opportunities at Reilly’s Summer Seat Farm, Pittsburgh Pa.

The Dreaded Four: Deer, Wild Turkeys, Groundhogs and Crows. 

Farming never seems to be easy with the challenges of weather and plant diseases, but these days wildlife seems to be our biggest problem. For the past few years we have installed temporary electric fence around the pumpkin fields with reasonable success.  

Hunting Opportunities at Reillys Summer Seat Farm

Problem solved? No chance. This year the deer have decimated the corn fields like never before,

Hunting on Reilly's Summer Seat Farm  

and the groundhogs easily craw under the fences surrounding the pumpkin and squash fields.

Hunting at RSSF

Newly emerged corn seedlings are the preferred treat for wild turkey who pull the seedling from the ground and eat the tender seed that once provided nourishment to the small plant. Hunting at RSSF

Crows are another problem as the corn starts to mature on the stalk. No fence can solve this situation.

It comes down to a good opportunity for hunters, and we welcome them all to help with the out of control animal population.

The Pa. game Commission has provided us with Red Tags that allow hunters to legally take deer at this time, and of course we welcome hunters during any of the established seasons. Call Mike Reilly at 412-367-7259 for more details.

HUNTING PERMISSION REQUEST: Download or either print or email the required authorization to hunt. If sent by mail, hunters must enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope with their request form.  


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