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Christmas in the Country at Reilly's Summer Seat Farm in Pittsburgh, PA

Call 412-364-8270 for additional information.

Santa uses his ‘List’ to check who is naughty or nice. Parents are invited to complete this form and submit it to Santa. If you desire to do this, it would be most helpful to have the page two days prior to your visit.

When your child arrives, Santa will look up the child’s name in his book and mention any topics or behaviors you wish Santa to highlight.

If you'd prefer, you can print Santa's list and mail it to Santa:
     Santa's List
     Reilly's Summer Seat Farm & Garden Center
     1120 Roosevelt Road
     Pittsburgh, PA 15237  

Child's Name*
Nice Behaviors Observed  
Naughty Behaviors
Your Name*
Email *
  * Indicates Required Fields  



Santa's List

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