Garden Topics:  9 Reasons to Grow a Container Garden

It is fun and practical: Add bursts of color and interest almost anywhere you like, easily extend the planting season beyond your usual growing season, and a create warm and friendly environment for special occasions and everyday living.

They fit in any space: You can enhance even the smallest space by adding container gardens. Whatever space limitations you have, you can design a container garden that will thrive. They are a great way to add instant color and texture to patios, decks, walkways, and entryways.

It is easy: If you think you have a brown thumb, or have not ever tried to garden, container gardening is a great place to start. Even a beginner can create a spectacular container garden in very little time.

It is economical: Almost anything can serve as a container. Think of all the creative possibilities for transforming a watering can, shoe or purse into a plant-able pot! Put drainage holes in the bottom, fill them with potting soil, add plants and for a few dollars you have made a lovely visual statement.

It offers protection from local wildlife: In a container, fruits, vegetables and flowers can be located where deer, groundhogs and rabbits do not commonly browse.

It is loved by kids: Vegetables take on new meaning when the kids see them growing on the deck and can eat them when they are tiny and sweet. Kids love the success that container gardens give them, and they take pride, at a very young age, in growing something their family can eat.

It offers immediate gratification: In the space of an hour or two, you can pick out a bunch of beautiful flowering plants, fill a container with them and be rewarded with a spectacular, professional looking garden! An added bonus is that you may never have to weed.

They are made to order: You can go for a modern look or a more formal arrangement with matching urns filled with cascading flowers flanking an entryway.

You can grow almost anything in a container garden: You can grow almost any plant in a container garden. It is easy to grow vegetables and herbs, and even trees in a container garden. Just insure the pot is large enough for the selected plant.




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