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Why Feed the Birds?  

Why Feed the BirdsQ. Why should I consider feeding wild birds?

A. The most obvious benefit of feeding birds is simply the enjoyment their company can bring us. Though birds naturally visit all our gardens and backyards, adding feeders and different food stations will attract more species. There are many benefits of bird feeding, here are a few of them:

  • The colors, songs and behaviors of birds can all be enjoyed by all, but there is much more to appreciate by feeding birds. Their varied and vibrant colors brighten up any yard and add value to landscape. Birds add liveliness and music to gardens in all seasons.
  • Bird feeding provides an excellent opportunity to learn about our beautiful feathered friends who play vital roles in nature. Birds are wild creatures so they bring an element of nature right into a homeowner's yard, up close, where it can be enjoyed every day.
  • Taking care of the environment and teaching our children to do the same is one of the greatest benefits of feeding birds. What better way to teach our children the delicate balance of nature. Teaching them how to protect and care for the wildlife around us, instills preservation. Children will learn not only the joy of watching the different types of birds, but they will gain an appreciation for the natural beauty that surrounds us. Learning the different species of birds, how to recognize their colors, markings and calls, increases children's knowledge along with the desire to learn more.
  • Wild birds are extremely beneficial to a yard and those who enjoy nature. They eat large quantities of insects, and are one of the best natural means of keeping these pests under control year-round. In addition to eating insects, they also feast on the worms, snails and spiders.
  • Feeding birds makes us feel good, especially in the winter when a backyard bird feeder can often make the difference between life and death.
  • Many small birds such as sparrows and finches eat tremendous amounts of seeds, especially from both flowers and weeds that can be undesirable in your landscape. Feeding these birds will also attract them to the natural food sources in your garden.
  • This can be an ideal hobby for senior citizens and individuals with limited mobility.
  • As you become more familiar with your backyard birds, it is possible to begin recognizing individual birds by their unique markings or personalities. These "outdoor pets" can be very enjoyable, without the extra costs of extensive veterinary care, housing and training that more traditional pets will require.

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