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Garden Topics: A New Planting = A New Image

Adding to the Value of your Home

So what was it that made the difference?

  • Planting in depth, more than a single row of plants.  
  • The use of a wide variety of complimentary plants that possess many different colors, sizes and textures.  
  • Planting on both sides of the walk which promotes a feeling of enclosure and comfort in those entering the home.
  • The inclusion of large decorative planter that provides an individual touch and a place for a changing seasonal plant display.

As mentioned in this article, "Fall is For Planting," so let's get started!


This picture depicts a typical uninspiring foundation planting of many of our older homes here in Western Pa. We can do much better.


While this picture, taken a year after a new planting was installed, shows a world of improvement. Not only has the street view improved, the home's value has also increased.

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