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Garden Topics:  Design Ideas

Fall Decorating Ideas

  • Use straw bales to serve as a display platform. Top with leaves, gourds, a weathered birdhouse, ears of corn or any other items that fit the theme. Place a scare crow on the bale and palace a few bundles of corn stocks behind for a nice background.
  • To keep a sophisticated, muted palette, arrange groupings of gourds and pumpkins in shades of peach, gold, pale green and beige. Scatter in other organic objects, such as antlers and branches.
  • A fake raven, gourds, colorful squash and a few pie pumpkins in a wicker basket add the feeling and flavor of fall, both indoors and out.
  • To preserve the beauty of colorful fall foliage, press leaves between books. When fully dry, display leaves between two pieces of same-sized glass. Secure the pieces of glass together by wrapping the edges with colored, linen book cloth tape. Add a berry-covered branch for a simple, yet elegant mantel display.
  • Add a warm touch to a front door using autumn's bounty. Incorporate the season's natural decorations into a welcoming wreath. Start with a basic wreath form (either made from florist's foam or a plain grapevine wreath) and attach gourds, mini pumpkins and leaves using hot-glue or wire.
  • A simple tree branch in a decorative vase can become a stunning centerpiece with a few added accessories such as acorns and brightly colored leaves.
  • A creative display of mini pumpkin gourds can rise to the occasion as a stylish centerpiece just by adding a little height. Perch pumpkins atop overturned bowls, or other items for height variation. A more interesting display will result.
  • Fill your free space with a festive door hanging. Tie a grouping of Indian corn ears together and hang from a cabinet door. Display jars filled with dried corn and seeds behind glass-front of cabinet doors for an added fall touch.
  • Lush potted mums will add color to the front stoop. Try adding white pumpkins for a striking contrast.
  • Create a stress-free centerpiece by setting several pumpkins or gourds on a long platter, or a low basket or tray. Garnish with a few leaves, berry clusters, or flowers to add a bit of color and texture.
Fall Decorating Ideas

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