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Garden Topics:  What Makes A Soil Great?

In cultivating soil, the primary aim is to create conditions suitable for micro-organisms so that they can do their work most efficiently. It is that life, which is dependent on organic matter that feeds the Soil Food Web, which in turn provides plant ready nutrients to the roots.

The ground should be well aerated to allow the creatures to convert nutrients into forms available for plant growth; it should be moist to keep the organisms active, but well drained to stop harmful organisms which thrive in airless conditions. An open well structured soil has plenty of pores that allow roots to grow easily , as it lets air and water to move within it. Quality soil structure can only be improved by regularly adding organic matter such as home made compost. Lacking that, Black Forest Organic Tree & Shrub Conditioner, Fafard's Premium Organic Compost, or Complete Planting Mix would do the job.

  1. Organic matter improves the soil structure by opening up clays and binding sands. Organically fed soil warms up much more quickly in spring and as more and more compost is added, the depth of the soil increases. Roots have more room to expand, the foliage above ground grows bigger, and heavier yields result.
  2.  Organic matter increases soil fertility. Organic soils are highly fertile and supply our plants with all the nutrients they need in the right amounts at the right time.
  3.  Organic matter encourages plant development. Well structured soil and a balanced food supply prolong a plant's active life.
  4.  Organic matter gives plants protection. Plants are more likely to withstand wet cold spells and grow more successfully, especially in cold areas, if they are fed on a high organic diet.
  5.  Organic matter improves the quality of the crop. Anyone who has eaten organic food knows it tastes sweeter and more succulent than much of the produce bought in the supermarket, and that it has better keeping and cooking properties.


organic compost

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