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Perennials for Fall Season Color

"The Late Show"

by Linda Fisher

As the lazy days of summer draw to a close, it's a good time to plant your autumn garden.

Many of the late-blooming perennials are tremendously hardy and come in knock-your-socks-off colors.  They can be planted from spring until late October so there is still plenty of time to nestle a few purple, blue, or pink asters among the fading summer flowers.

Perennials For Fall Season ColorOr try adding some warmth to a cool autumn day with the red, orange and yellow hues of  'Mesa Yellow' Blanket Flower (Gaillardia) and 'First Light' Helianthus that blooms mid-summer until frost.  And don't forget about reblooming daylilies and iris.  An added bonus to fall perennials is their ability to add interest to your winter garden.  The dried flowers and stalks of plants such as 'Mr. Goodbud' Stonecrop (Sedum) and Coneflower (Rudbeckia) can remain in the garden during winter, catching the snow or feeding the birds.  For a stunning display of brilliant yellow cloud like foliage, Thread Leaf Bluestem (Amsonia hubrichtii) is sure to please. 

Ornamental grasses like 'Purple Maiden Grass' (Miscanthus) are great performers when it comes to autumn interest.  Many varieties hold their blooms beautifully through both fall and winter.  You can check out the Grass Garden at Reilly's Garden Center if you're looking for good ideas.  We have a wonderful display garden on the hillside to the left of the entrance and below the barn.  The grasses are mature so you can visualize the stunning effect-these graceful, exciting plants would have on your landscape. 

For a shady garden, nothing beats the iridescent blue flowers of Cranesbill 'Rozanne' (Geranium) or the delicate petals of a 'Party Girl" Windflower (Anemone).  The tall white bottlebrush flowers of Snakeroot (Cimicifuga) will catch the autumn breezes while brightening up a shady area.  Pipsqueak (Bergenia), which has shiny green foliage throughout the summer, turns a striking red or bronze in the fall.  Heuchera is another great perennial for a multitude of color which lasts into winter.  

There are many other perennials that will allow you to create a stunning fall garden.  Please stop and let us help you find the perfect fall-blooming plant that gives pleasure through autumn and beyond.

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