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Garden Topics: Tropicals & Houseplants

18 House Plants

That Beginners Won't Kill

Although no house plant is indestructible, there are a feisty few that can't be beat for their tolerance of low light, water, and humidity. Winter can be deadly for houseplants, not because we left them outside to perish, but because we brought them in. Our homes have very low levels of humidity and a lot less light than those houseplants got outdoors, Depending on where they sit inside, winter drafts can also influence how well they do.

Another big consideration is to not overwater. Most houseplants quit actively growing for the winter months, and thus they use less water. Constant wet soil causes root rot.

If you want easy success with house plants, we recommend these tough house plants.

Click the plant to learn more:

Aloe Vera Plant
Bamboo Palm
Bird of Paradise Plant
Boston Fern
Cast Iron Plant
Chinese Evergreen Plant
Fiddle-Leaf Fig
Jade Plant
Madagascar Dragon Tree
Mother-in-Law's Tongue or Snake Plant
Moth Orchid
Ponytail Palm
Spider Plant
Split-Leaf Philodendron
ZZ Plant  

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