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News: Reilly's Summer Seat Farm & Garden Center 

Frost Alert 

Through Sunday April 26th.

Frost Alert Sunday April 26th

Cover all tender plants. Bath towels work very well whereas newspaper and plastic will not provide protection. With lighter cloth materials' try to keep the cloth raised above the plant surface. A new product 'Easy Fleece Jackets' provide very good protection, and because they allow air and moisture to filter through, healthy growth is maintained. Our large size 'Easy Fleece Jackets' 2 pack are available on sale for $4.99 (normal price: $9.99) through Sunday 26 April.

2015 Spring Fling

New Open House Schedule of Events 


Come out to our 2015 Spring Fling Open House this Saturday April 25.  Place a Note On Your Calendar. 

Three gardening seminars - workshops

  •  9:00 AM: New Perennials, Less Work, Refined Sizes, Alluring Colors.
    10:00 AM: Container Vegetable and Herb Gardening.
    11:00 AM: Create a Container Garden.
  • Door prize drawings on the hour and half hour from 9:30AM - 1:00PM.
  • Free hotdogs, Hot Chocolate, & Coffee 9AM - 1PM
  • Schedule a free in-store landscape/gardening consult for a future date.
  • Visit with our Animals: Baby chicks and ducks will be at the greenhouse.
  • Be sure to take advantage of our Arbor Day Coupon!

We will discuss the importance of foliage color and texture, along with plant form and flower color. Two other important aspects to be included are sun/shade and nutrition requirements. We will provide soil at no cost, so you are welcome to create a container garden while you are here.  Please call 412-364-8662 for reservations. 

April Events 

Check Out Our Calendar for May and June Events!New at Reilly's Summer Seat Farm & Garden Center

New at Reilly's Summer Seat Farm & Garden Center

Supplies for Raising Chickens, Ducks, Chicks and Bee Keeping Supplies.

Raising Baby Chicks

Raising Baby Chicks - Reillys summer seat farmWho can resist cute little fuzzy baby chickens? They look so sweet and innocent and are just begging for you to take them home. Even though raising baby chickens seems easy enough, it's a little more complicated than it appears. Thankfully once you have a few tips and tricks it will be a breeze to keep your chicks happy and healthy.

Read More - Step by Step Raising Baby Chicks!

Advice For The New GardenerAdvice For The New Gardener

  • Choose a Site: You'll need the optimum sun exposure for your plants. Vegetables, fruit and most herbs need full sun or a minimum of six hours of sun every day. Flowers are more adaptable, and you can select species for either sun or shade.
  • Convenient Location: Consider placing your garden where you'll see it every day. Some, especially new gardeners, put the garden out of the way and out of mind. For beginners, it may be wise to keep the garden small and close to your house.
  • Don't Plant Too Soon: We itch to plant our gardens when the first mild day of spring arrives, but be careful. Our average frost-free date here in Pittsburgh is 15 May. It is also important to realize that cold wet soil is not suitable for most seeds and plants.

Read More Advice On Gardening In The Pittsburgh Area! 

Arbor Day

What Have You Planned For Earth Day and Arbor Day!

A single tree supplies enough oxygen for a family of four for a year, according to the United Nations Environment Programmed It also absorbs carbon dioxide, provides food and shelter to animals, reduces energy costs and beautifies your home.

Join ranks with people around the globe by pledging to plant a tree. The United Nations Environment Programmed launched its Billion Tree Campaign with the goal of planting at least one billion trees worldwide each year to help preserve our environment. Once your tree is in the ground, go to their website and get a certificate of involvement and the satisfaction of knowing you're part or a solution.

  What a deal! Don't just stand there, plant a tree. Note the coupon below.Arbor day Tree Promotion

Arbor Day Tree Promotion

Receive a free bag of Black Forest Soil amendment and a 4# bag of Tree Tone with the purchase of any potted 10 gal & up or balled &burlap, tree. Valid 24-26 April 2015 with this completed coupon

Carpet Your Landscape - Reilly's Summer Seat Farm

Carpet Your Landscape in Foliage & Flowers

  1. Cover slopes too steep to mow.
  2. Unify the landscape.
  3. Prevent Erosion.
  4. Cover areas unsuitable for grass.
  5. Create a feeling of spaciousness.
  6. Have a living mulch.
  7. Create a transition between lawn and garden beds.
  8. Define a space.

Want to improve the quality of your life?

Trees Clean the Water and Air 

Get your hands dirty. Putting trees, flowers or shrubs in the ground doesn't just provide you with beauty and shade, it can also improve your property value, lower your energy costs, clean the air and water-even lower your heart rate.

The transformation in the environment (even a small space or a single container), or in your psyche from the benefits of a few moments spent outside, hands in the dirt, natural light, energy from the sun, a cool breeze and the sound of nature all around while in the act of 'gardening'. That's instant gratification.

Top 9 New Plants for 2015Top 9 New Plants for 2015

  • Impatiens Bounce Flame Pink
  • Hula Berry White Strawberry
  • Digiplexis Illumination
  • Glamorflage Blueberry Petunia
  • Sundenia Red Dipladenia
  • Viola Hip Hop Cranberry
  • Potunia Halo Purple
  • Arrabona Red Celosa
  • Ablazing Purple Salvia

Read More....Gourmet Elm Oyster Mushrooms

Bet You Haven't Grown this Crop!

Gourmet Elm Oyster Mushrooms

This could be serious fun and good for your health. Side effects may include a passion for growing, cooking and eating mushrooms. A heightened awareness of healthy eating choices has been reported. Come on in and check it out. It could be a blast.

Inhale the Scent of that Newly Cut Grass 

 Inhale the Scent of that Newly Cut GrassIt's good for you.

Australian researchers have discovered when grass is cut, it releases chemicals that make people feel happy and relaxed. In fact, it can even prevent the mental decline of old age. The scent works directly on the brain, affecting the regions responsible for emotion and memory, according to Nick Lavidis, a neuroscientist at the University of Queensland.

The Spectacular Pieris japonica 'Katsura'

KatsuraYou might think that Pieris, while a solid landscape plant, has little in the way of spectacular to offer. 'Katsura' may just change your mind with great bloom plus great foliage color. It's a heavy bloomer with long, stem topping pendulous strings of small, bell shaped, dusty rose colored flowers that can continue well into May. It is an impressive display but. Once the bloom fades, new foliage flushes with a unique and outrageous deep wine-red color that lasts well into early summer before gradually fading to a deep, lustrous green. The color is even more spectacular because it is so unexpected. 'Katsura' boasts a tight, rounded form (3x3 in 5 years, 6x6 in time) making it easy to grow in any partial sun location that is protected from prevailing winter winds. Deer resistant.

Take Full Advantage of Your Gardening Site

Take Full Advantage of Your Gardening SiteIt's important to adapt your landscape fit its environment, to ensure it looks harmonious with its surroundings. The link below allows access to 6 tips for creating a design with a pleasing natural flow.


6 Reasons Why Chickens Belong In Your Back Yard!

  1. Chickens, 'home raised', there is a lot to like.

Why Chickens Belong In Your Back Yard!The local food movement is flourishing, and by keeping backyard chickens you can take pride in being a food producer and not just a consumer. We all know that fresh foods simply taste better and eggs are no exception. Combine raising chickens with a vegetable garden and you'll never look at store bought eggs & produce the same way.

Read More... 

11 Garden Trends For 2015

11 Garden Trends for 2015Bees, chickens, container gardens, sustainable lifestyles and 'doing your own thing' will all be hot this year. 

Now, more than ever, gardening is becoming an extension of one's self. What you cultivate and grow, either inside or out, reflects our personality and the healthy lifestyle. This is expected to result in more use of environmentally-friendly products, particularly ones that are safe and reliable.


May Gardening Tips

May Tips - Reillys Summer Seat FarmThis is the month when Pittsburgh gardeners will be taking advantage of the longer days to complete a variety of yard and garden tasks that will pay off with an attractive home landscape over the coming summer and fall months. The month of May can be busy, but make time for enjoying the beauty of the spring flowers and the birds and butterflies that follow the warm temperatures north.

Read More On May Gardening Tips!

A Solution to Sprawling Peonies

Place Peacock Peony Plant Support Grid Rings above your peonies now, while they are just breaking ground, so that they will naturally grow up through the grid.

Seeking Help in the greenhouse with Spring Planting

Greenhouse Employment - Reilly's Summer Seat FarmAs the 2015 gardening season approaches, opportunities to join our team expand. We are currently looking for help in two areas, customer assistance and planting. Work hours are quite flexible, so if you would like spring to arrive a bit earlier in your life this year, stop by and pick up an application. Call 412-364-8662 or stop by for information.


Orange, the New Black

Bold orange flowers are being used more and more in gardens. This bright color causes flowers appear closer than they really are, making them easy to see at a distance. Orange can also make a small garden seem larger.

Orange amps up the color impact and opens the possibilities of creating some beautiful new color combos. Orange Orange - The New Blackis a color with a very wide range of hues from peach and apricot, to copper and ochre.

According to Pantone, the global authority on color, orange expresses energy and vibrancy. Tangerine Tango was the color of the year in 2012, so maybe the trend has taken a while to catch up with the plant world.

Using Orange for Best Effect

Pointers for gardeners who are hesitant to jump into the orange trend.Using Orange - Reilly's Summer Seat Farm

  • To bring out the best in both bold and pale oranges, blend them with their color wheel complement blue. Fiery orange flowers paired with blue, purple or lavender will make your border sizzle.
  • Orange is in its element in sunny, bright exposures. Choose hot orange flowers for hot sunny spots and softer peaches and apricots in areas with part shade.
  • Because orange enhances appetite and promotes sociability plant plenty of orange-flowering plants near outdoor eating areas.


A Unique Line of Seeds, Now available

Botanical Interests Seed inspires and educates the gardener to create beautiful and prolific gardens. Not only is the seed inside the packets the highest quality available, the packets are designed to give all the information you will ever need.

  • Many heirloom seed varieties.
  • USDA Certified Organic seed.
  • Guaranteed germination.
  • All seed is untreated.
  • No genetically engineered seeds.

Unique Line of Seeds - Reilly's Summer Seat FarmThe best Seed Packet Ever- Practical Information, Inside and Out.  

  • Beautiful illustration of the variety
  • Common name, variety and botanical name.
  • Critical information on the front of the packet
  • Plant tag
  • Description of variety
  • Detailed instructions on when and how to start seeds
  • Recipes
  • Growing and harvesting tips
  • How to avoid diseases and pests
  • History
  • Botanical facts
  • Drawing of seedling on plant tag

Sow and Grow Your Own Seeds

Start Seeds Right: To sprout seeds indoors, you need only a few inexpensive supplies. No matter what pots Sow your own seeds - RSSFyour seeds are planted in, it is important that they allow extra moisture to drain away. Indoor seed-starting kits are widely available.

SEEDLING MIX: Seedlings need a fine, light soil that holds moisture evenly, allows tiny plants to grow quickly, and is free of weed seeds and disease organisms. For best results use a planting mix specifically labeled for seed starting.

LIGHT & BRIGHT: A south-facing windowsill that receives direct sun works well. Or, use plant lights or a dual-tube fluorescent fixture with a cool-white tube and a warm-white tube to provide a full spectrum of light; a timer is helpful but not necessary.

Read More:  Starting Plants From Seeds Indoors!

Social Media Icons - RSSF

Please tell what is on your mind!

We would be most pleased to have your comments and suggestions. Tell us what other services or products we should offer. Even comments that are less than positive will help us to better serve your future needs.


Non - Profits Welcome

We are extending an invitation to qualifying  non- profit organizations to set up a table, at no cost, to promote their organization. Call Mike Reilly at 412-367-7259 if you would like to apply.

Special Orders

If you can't find something you're looking for, please give us a call and see if we can help you!

In case you didn't know ...

Our meeting room is available for clubs and organizations at no cost. Give us a call, we may even be able to provide a gardening seminar! 412-364-8270.   

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